According to readers of the Vancouver Sun, Uli’s restaurant on Marine Drive in WR has the best burgers in metro Vancouver. Not just South of the Fraser, but the entire LM. That’s a very impressive feat. I’ve been going to Uli’s for years, and I will tell you, their burgers are something else. But know this if you are going to head down there to try one, it’s not only the taste that will blow your mind, but it’s the passion behind the scenes as well. Owner Tyson Blume wants his food to be the best it can possibly be. Therefore most of the food he uses to create your meal is made from local ingredients. It’s very important to him that the staff know just how to explain to the customer the love that is put into every single meal they make. If you aren’t happy, they’re not happy. When it comes to their burgers specifically, before you take the first bite, ask your server to speak to Tyson or Jenny the GM and listen to what they have to say about how that burger is prepared. You’ll understand why the burger is the best burger in all of metro Vancouver. It is truly made with passion and commitment.  Take that first bite, and then get ready for the taste of heaven. Oh, and don’t forget the Frites (thin french fries) on the side. Enjoy.
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