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Candidates for the battleground riding of Surrey Centre cited exorbitant costs of living and out of control gang violence in the riding as top issues. Environment also

Liberal MP Randeep Sarai

crept in as an issue for the Green party during a Pulse FM on-air debate Wednesday.

NDP candidate for Surrey -Centre Sarjit Sarai

When I moved to Surrey 20 years ago, I’ve never felt safe…,” said NDP candidate Sarjit Saran. “I’m tired of watching the news and seeing people begin shot… it shouldn’t be happening, so that’s why I’m running.”

Liberal MP Randeep Sarai said that affordability and  crime, in that order, are issues within the riding.

We haven’t had new rental stock built in this province for probably 40 years,” Sarai said. “We have a new affordable housing incentive, which gives cheaper interest rates and longer amortization it incentivize builders to create below market rent houses.”

He says the number of those will be in the neighbourhood of 200,000 over the next 10 years.

John Werring, a David Suzuki Foundation biologist, said the environment trumps all those issues.

The environment is the key issue for the Green Party and for myself,” Werring said. “If we don’t fix the climate crisis right now, then all of these

John Werring, Green Party candidate for Surrey-Centre

other issues we’ve been talking about will be moot.”

Pulse FM’s debates continue at 7:30 every weekday morning until Oct. 11. Tomorrow, we speak with candidates for Surrey-Newton.