By no means do I consider myself a wine Connoisseur, but what happened to me after I turned 45 can only be described as some kind of, ‘metamorphosis’. I was always a guy who liked his beer. Again, not a beer snob but appreciated the flavour of various beers. From Guinness to a good light Pilsner, it was all about the beer. (Perhaps it had something to do with a magnum of wine when I was 16 years old at a park party that saw me in the ER for alcohol poisoning) When I turned 45 I remember a friend asking me to pick up some beer for a party we were going to. I remember thinking, ‘too many beers just bloat me now, I’m going with wine.’ I never looked back. Sure, I like to have a beer or two (or three, or five…) around a campsite, but when it comes to dinner parties, or the odd date (‘odd’ the key word here for the most part) I have now transformed into a man who prefers a good red, to a good Pint. And that leads me to ponder what’s next… Early Dinners? Driving 20k below the speed limit? Sandals and Socks? Cardigans? A White Honda Accord?