Fall may not be officially here but it’s hitting Instagram HARD!  Everyone loves the transition to fall – sweaters, coffees and warm boots.

But wait – if you love pumpkin spice, Ugg boots and flannel shirts… you might just be… “basic”.

If you’ve heard this term, you know that it’s not a good thing.  “Basic” is, basically, an insult.  “You’re so basic” has come to mean – you’re boring, you follow the crowds, you’re LAME (for us 90’s kids).

This has always annoyed me.  There’s a reason SO many people love pumpkin spice. It’s DELICIOUS.  People like coffee and pumpkin spice – what’s wrong with that?  Is it because it’s everywhere and readily available and reminds us of warm memories… and it’s just not COOL to be happy?

I get it, the meaning of being “basic” is more the gaggles of girls wearing the same sneakers, sporting the same hair do and posting the same selfies – not expressing themselves individually. But this is something that’s been going on since the beginning of time (aka when I was a teenager).  Girls in my era either dressed like Spice Girls (the ultimate pick-a-personality basics!) or vampires (the goth phase).  We just didn’t have the delicious drinks as accessories (do menthol cigarettes count?).

Back to pumpkin spice, after so many years, can we not just put it up there with “apple pie”, and instead of being a “basic” drink let’s make it a “classic” drink, and let people enjoy whatever they like?  I will suggest that we stop messing with the seasons and withhold the release of the pumpkin glitter until the kids are in school at least…

Basically yours,