Following some rapid-fire changes to COVID-19 isolation rules posted on the BC CDC website, the agency has issued an apology and finally cleared up what the current isolation protocols are.

This week, British Columbians wondering how long to isolate after a positive test result got different advice depending on when they checked the website. On Tuesday, the guidance was five days for anyone who tested positive, regardless of age or vaccination status. After a few more changes, the guidance Wednesday depended on age and vaccination status.

Now, unvaccinated adults require the longest period of isolation, with 10 days advised. That’s cut in half for those under 18 only being told to isolate for five. This includes children under five who are not eligible for the shot.

Those who are fully vaccinated, regardless of age, are being told to isolate for five days. Visiting “high-risk settings” like long-term care homes or remote communities is to be avoided for an additional five days.

By Thursday, the website had been updated again, not to change the guidelines, but to acknowledge the confusion caused by the multiple changes.

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“We apologize for the web posting and changes that occurred yesterday. We understand the significant interest in these testing and isolation guidelines, which is why we updated the website immediately with clarifications made yesterday. We recognize this approach led to confusion, we also recognize people in British Columbia are frustrated with the ongoing pandemic, and they want and need clear communication on changes that impact their lives. We will strive to ensure there is a better change management process for future changes.”