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The ability to list your property with AIR BNB has officially received the green light by the Province as of this morning. Today in Victoria the NDP announced – along with Air BNB – a co-operative plan to help fund affordable housing in the province. Finance Minister Carole James announcing today Air BNB will be able to legally operate in this province, as long as they collect PST on all short term rentals. In turn that money will help fund housing affordability in the province. On top of the 8% PST AIR BNB will also charge a 3% municipal and regional district tattoo also help with a more localized focus. This is what it is, a great way for the province to collect tax from BNB users from around the world who come to BC. Tourism is a huge thing given the beauty of the surroundings we live in. And rather than continuously charge us high taxes to call this Province home, the government has come up with a great plan for everyone.