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We are lucky to have the Surrey Board of Trade.

Not only do they challenge the city, bring is valuable guest speakers and push Surrey forward in a positive way, they also care about things like the Arts.

Today, Surrey CEO Anita Huberman and BOT with a release calling for strategy and a better focus on something that is dearly need yet mostly forgotten outside of our biggest cities.
Arts and Culture.

As part of Surrey’s Economic Strategy, the BOT is, ‘ asking for a focus on a progressive, strategic tourism, arts and culture infrastructure strategy. ‘

Why should people south of the Fraser have to travel into Vancouver every time they want to see Cirque Du Soleil, or The Celebration of Light , or The Vancouver Fall Home Show that happened this past weekend?

Surrey is ready.

Surrey BOT clearly know this too.

The Surrey Board of Trade’s Recommendation Paper explores the following areas:
1. Surrey as an arts capital
2. Surrey as a destination
3. Marketing/branding to businesses/residents
4. Supporting local artists
5. Surrey’s music city potential
6. Capital assets that are needed such as a Performing Arts Centre

CEO Anita Huberman also said, (in part) “We are building a city of great cultural spaces, but there is still so much more work to do. The creation of new arts and culture infrastructure continues to lag behind population growth. For the next 10 years, it is vitally important that we focus on activating arts and culture infrastructure in all areas of Surrey.”

Forward thinking from the Surrey BOT.

One can only hope the city agrees.