Last week my family and I were lucky enough to visit the Royal Canadian Family Circus.  

As anyone with kids knows, taking them to an event can be a swing and a miss.  I also dared to schedule the evening on a soccer night so Surrey Soccer Dad was slightly reluctant.  (Especially once I told him that there were likely no elephants or lions involved.)

The show was amazing!  It was fast-moving and engaging enough that no one got the “I’m-hungry’s” or had to visit the washroom incessantly.  (Of course, if you legitimately do get hungry you can certainly choose from traditional circus fare such as mini-donuts, corn dogs, and popcorn!)

There was enough action in the first half that we were surprised there was more after the intermission!  It does make for a bit of a long event, but there’s honestly enough action and things going on to keep everyone’s attention.  We were sitting with another family that had small children that were transfixed by the lights, acrobatics and music.

If you’ve been on the fence about attending – this family highly recommends it and can’t wait for next year! (Yes, even our Surrey Soccer Dad and too-cool-for-school tween were raving!)

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