On Friday my Mom, Dad and me took my grandpa out for dinner for his birthday. Or at least that was the plan. My Grandpa is 89 years old and in a wheelchair. Because of this it usually takes all three of us to get him out of his chair and into my Dad’s SUV. Unfortunately in the last few months this has become too difficult. Enter Pacific Cabs! My Dad was so excited when he discovered the company has one wheelchair accessible van in their fleet. All we have to do is roll gramps into the back and you’re good to go. And all was good at least for the first time we used it.

However Saturday was another story. My Dad booked a cab for 5pm and at 6:30pm they still hadn’t arrived. The frustrating part is when you call to see where the driver’s at the woman manning the call centre tells you they aren’t able to track where the cab is. She also told my Dad there’s really no difference in booking a cab two hours or twenty minutes beforehand it simply gets added to a general list that driver’s try to get to when they can.

A part of me wants to sympathize with Pacific Cabs. Surrey is in dire need of more taxis and drivers are doing the best they can with the situation they have. But the other part of me is angry when I think of the number of seniors who must be late for appointments constantly. Seniors don’t exactly have the best memory which is why they book things ahead of time. They rely on said company to arrive somewhat on time and ring when they’ve pulled up. Just for “fun” my Dad decided not to cancel the cab just to see how long it would take for it to arrive. It never did. It’s time either Uber was given the green light or more cabs were added to the road, for seniors and everyone’s sake!

– Vanessa