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The argument to allow Uber and other ride sharing companies took a huge turn this past weekend after a man tried to get a ride in cab from downtown to New West. The man took out his phone and when asked to be taken to New West was told no because the driver didn’t want to go that far. Although a company spokesperson commented the behaviour was, “absolutely disgusting, not acceptable, not company policy.” Let’s be completely honest here – this has been going on forever in downtown Vancouver. People south of the fraser to get home after a night downtown are told it’s too far and thrown to the curb. When I lived in the South Granville area I remember being asked where I lived and was told no problem because they don’t do long drop offs. Why? The driver told me because of rules that don’t allow them to pick customers up for a return trip, it isn’t worth their while and they don’t make any money. That said, that s a rule that needs to change so that all taxi drivers have the ability to earn a living without taking from local South Fraser drivers. To openly refuse to take someone where they want to go – have to agree with what the driver’s cab company says. It’s time for Uber and LYFT to get the go ahead. it’s time for the Taxi industry to adjust and change their rules because taxi drivers have a right to earn a living too. And, it’s time to start acting like we’re a world class destination and not just telling everyone we are.