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With cannabis recently becoming legalized in Canada, the highly anticipated update for the sale of edibles has been released.

Health Canada announced new regulations today on cannabis edibles today (including foods, beverages, and extracts), and they are predicted to be on the market in mid-December 2019.

There has been speculation on whether cannabis edibles will make an appearance on the market anytime soon, and even with their legalization in December, there will be numerous tight restrictions placed on them – namely that they must not advertise to kids. Restrictions for the packaging of edibles will include child-proof packaging and warning labels discouraging over-consumption. These restrictions have been put into place so that they do not appeal to children or older youths. These restrictions will be similar to those on cigarette packaging.

In the beginning stages of edibles on the legal Canadian market, the public can expect there to be tight regulations and limited supply, as each product will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in order to abide by Health Canada’s regulations.

With that in mind, what impact do you think this will have South of the Fraser?

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