Changes are coming to recycling in the Township of Langley in order to comply with Recycle BC’s requirements, making recycling more efficient and keeping more materials out of landfills!  You can now recycle most materials together, while glass will now be separated.

Grey containers for glass recycling will be delivered to residents who receive curbside pickup in July and August.  Until the containers arrive, residents can set the glass containers aside, return them to a recycling depot or place them in a compact box  or their blue recycling bag for curbside pickup.

 Other changes to the recycling program mean that new items will now be welcome in blue boxes or carts for containers. Cardboard ice cream containers, beverage cups, and lids with straws removed – such as fountain drinks from fast food restaurants – are accepted for recycling.

A team of Township staff will visit residents door-to-door this summer to answer questions once the new grey containers for glass have arrived.  

 For more information, visit the Township of Langley’s website.