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The news came in a flash across Social Media on a quiet Friday morning…Christy Clark to resign effective August 4, 2017.

So let’s understand a couple of things:

  • Regardless of what anyone from the BC Liberal Party has told you, this was an eventuality.  You do not go from a 16 year majority to a minority government without a clue that leadership would be scrutinized.  Ms. Clark was on the plank and jumped before she was pushed.


  • Despite outward appearances of unity, the BC Liberals will most certainly be drawing lines in the sand over their next leader.  Whether it be a blast from the past in Kevin Falcon, an up and comer like Todd Stone, or perhaps a dark horse candidate like former Surrey Mayor Diane Watts, the BC Liberals will have a choice to make and also how to sell it.  Is BC tired of the current crop of Liberals?  Only time, and a few well funded polls will tell the tale.
  • Anyone who says that this legitimizes the NDP/Green Coalition is smoking something.  Mission accomplished for the alliance in getting Christy out, she was the dog they chose to kick for this election.  Now they will be judged on merit, not on what Christy did or didn’t do.  The only thing that legitimizes the NDP and the Greens moving forward is results.  Show us you are making a difference, show us that you are more than just fat promises and show us that you can govern.

Like her or not, Christy Clark showed that she could govern.  Why do you think she was the target of the NDP?  If I were the NDP and Greens, I would be focusing on the task at hand and not the new Liberal leader, because if you don’t get the job done, Pee Wee Herman could run as leader for the Liberals and win handily.

Let the Leadership race begin…