The Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley kicked off Thursday afternoon with an opening ceremony at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School.

Every year dozens of RCMP, media and community members take part in a week long bike ride cycling 900 kilometres from the Fraser Valley to Boston Bar and back to raise money for pediatric cancer research. As someone whose sister has had cancer twice (Lymphoma) seeing people give their time and energy (lots and lots of energy!) to try and find a cure for all types of cancer is truly amazing!

On Wednesday we had Surrey RCMP Constable Joseph Lau on Pulse Mornings to talk about the cause (click here to listen to the interview) This is his first year taking part in Cops for Cancer alongside Surrey RCMP Constable Mike Elliot and Constable Shaelee Read-Olley who together have raised $35,000 for the cause! When asked why they do it Joseph told Host Ian Power that although police have to exude a tough exterior on the job nothing will break them down quicker than seeing a sick child. It’s about helping any way you can.


Joseph Lau gearing up for the ride!

Ian Power and Joseph Lay

It isn’t just Surrey RCMP members taking part though.  Abbotsford Police Officers, Cst Jody Thomas, Cst Robyn Lamarche, Cst Renae Williams and Cst Neil Cole are also jumping on the bike to help kids in need! 

Abbotsford RCMP Cops for Cancer riders!

So far more than $500,000 has been raised in B.C this year. I have a feeling that number will be even bigger next year.

Click here to make a donation to the cause.