On Sunday Fraser Health confirmed a case of COVID-19 has been found within the Sullivan Heights Secondary community in Surrey.

There’s no word on who exactly has come down with the virus and whether they’re in quarantine, other than to say in a press release circulating online that the risk to students, teachers, and all other members in the Sullivan Heights community remains ‘minimal’.

It reads:

“One of the confirmed cases is a member of the Sullivan Heights Secondary community. This person was asymptomatic during their time at the school, therefore the risk to the school population is minimal. There is no evidence that novel Coronavirus is transmitted via asymptomatic individuals and the risk is low for the staff at students at Sullivan Heights.”

The school is located at 6248 144 St in Surrey.

Students are being reminded daily over the PA system to wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds at a time, avoiding touching their eyes, nose, and mouth and to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze to keep try and keep others protected.

As well, if they are feeling even an ounce sick, to stay home.

Read the full release below (blurred out version found on Facebook)