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Anyone else completely over cooking at home?

I usually enjoy cooking, but after doing it 50 days straight, there’s only so many stirfrys, pastas, burgers, hottodgs, omelettes and “creative” salads one can do before you start feeling…blah!

Oh how my tastebuds crave the salty, buttery goodness of the fettucini alfredo at our favourite Italian restauraunt Aaron’s in Cloverdale, or a spinach and artichoke dip from the ol’ Rendezvous Pub in Langley

We could order in but honestly I just find restauraunt food doesn’t taste as good at home. Call it mushy, call it less flavor, I don’t know but there’s something about being in a chic atmosphere surrounded by people that just makes it taste better that I’d rather save my money for once restaurants are back open. And I promise small businesses, I’ll be coming three times a week once open signs are back on!!

For now – homemade food it is!

Lately we have tried to ‘up’ our COVID-19 cuisine – Deryck the other day buying an $8 duck. Yes, a full frozen duck (do I just chop the whole thing up or…..?Sorry PETA!) No idea, but hey, beats another night of chicken!

The other night I also made a random ground beef pizza. Just piled a whole pound of beef on top of flatbread and called it pizza. I can hear the Italians cringing  but hey – it’s something new!

I’ve also tried my hand at making baklava, curry thai bowls and homemade sushi but I’m afraid I’m running out of ethnicities fast!

What about you? You sleeping at the stove these days or are you loving diving into new recipes? Let me know, plus any cool recipes I should try on our Facebook page!