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Satinder Dhillon is modern day revolutionary, an entrepreneur, strategist, social activist, writer and is known around the world for the historic freedom of speech case he’s fighting in Canada. Wait, isn’t this show about dating and relationships? Why, yes it is!

Satinder is single and through his humble upbringing on a farm within the Sikh community he found out about love and commitment and keeping the flame alive when he heard the story of how his parents fell in love and bucked the rules to be together.

His story is truly a David versus Goliath for modern times and Satinder has stood tall and battled for Truth and Justice in this country we love so dearly, called Canada. We’re also gonna see if there’s a Princess in this White Knight’s future and what it would take for him to want share his family jewels, er, I mean, values. Yes, that’s it, family values. Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Also in the studio, is a woman who blazes her own way in the world and opens up the possibilities for others. Tonia Mattu is founder of Yuology – the study of You. She’s a life-stylist, world adventurer, and a connoisseur of connection.

Tonia has seen the world and studied human behavior in over 30 countries and she’s gonna get real with us and talk about confidence and self-love. We’ll also cover the concept of people “having it all” and still feeling like they’re missing something. Tonia will uncover the common obstacles that block people from true happiness and fulfillment.

In all of her studies and work, Tonia always brings her clients back to brilliance of who they are. She doesn’t play small and she encourages others to do the same. After all, we’re all given the same twenty-four hours in a day, it’s all in the belief in yourself that’s going to bring you success and growth. Now, I’m certain that Tonia’s also going to share about that elusive love that we’re all looking for…or is it elusive. You’re going to have to tune in to find out!

I wanna hear from you! Do you have a dating or relationship story you want to share with me? Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can have a lil chat!

Talk to you at 7!