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Are you a serial dater? Maybe you’ve found your “almost Mr. or Mrs. Right” but feel like, just mayyyybe that perfect mate is still out there for you? Well, my first guest Susan Semeniw believes you need to stop focusing on the quantity and the “Paradox of Choice” and commit already! [Insert glove slapping face right here]

Susan Semeniw is the Head Matchmaker and Love Coach at Divine Intervention Matchmaking Services. She’s an intuitive feeler that brings her people skills to connecting, coaching and bringing her clients into the reality of what love can be. In common-speak, the gurl knows what she’s doin’.

And, Susan doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, in fact, she frequently scopes new “love interests” for her clients, whether she’s out for lunch or buying up goodies at the sex shop. Yes, she’s a big advocate for keeping it spicy in her relationship too by the way.
Susan is going to bring her no holds bar opinions to our airwaves and you’re gonna want to tune in! Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Any man whose Instagram handle starts with “Mr.” is someone I wanna to go toe-to-toe with and my second guest will have that pleasure. Andreas Willms is known as Mr. Real Estate and he’s known for his high end taste and his never ending line-up of dates. I’m going to probe a little deeper into what makes him tick and what a single man really is looking for, in order to put a ring on a single lady. Cue Beyonce.

Andreas is German born and grew up on a farm. We’re going to see what roles he envisions for himself and the future missus. And chances are, my first guest Susan, is gonna stick around and school “Mr. Real Estate” a thing or two about the QUANTITY dating thing and steps to make love stick for his future wife. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already ordered my popcorn for that!

Tune in Tuesday at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream!

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