Eat, Pray and Love has nothing on our first guest on Date Did What?
James Valiant is not just a TV Host but a Master Stylist for one of the City’s most upscale salons…Suki’s.
For years, the cream of the social scene crop would pop into Suki’s and have James untangle and tease their hair…and the stories that James has will make even the most hardened partiers blush!
James has also recently come back from Paris and has a tale to tell about looking for Love in the City of Light!  His penchant for finding trouble while also hunting for love in France will make his time on the show a must listen.
We also have Clinical Therapist Nisha Khare joining us.  Nisha will fill us in on keeping those long term relationships fresh and spicy!  Just because you go to bed with the same partner doesn’t mean that the magic has to end.
Nisha will give you some great tips to keep the sheets jumping on your bed!
Your stories are welcome too!  Do you have a dating story you want to share with us?  Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 and we can dish!
Talk to you at 7!