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I’m always impressed by attendees of “Diner en Blanc” simply for the fact that they can make their way downtown and through an entire meal wearing ALL WHITE clothing.

Since I self-excluded myself because I can’t even make it through breakfast in a white t-shirt, I didn’t know too much about this photo-op-heavy annual event.

I always assumed that it was just a big fancy dinner outside (where you wear white – not ivory, not beige, according to the website!).  I recently learned that it’s an “exclusive” event, meaning you must make it by being on a wait list or knowing someone who is invited, and then paying a membership.  Then, should you be lucky enough to make it to the invite list, you pay again to attend.

But here’s the thing that surprised me… you have to bring your own (white!) food – and your own table (of specific measurements)?!  Okay, so the funds they collect… that must be for charity or some other cause? No, the event is not in support of any cause or charity.  Since it’s so “exclusive”, it’s hard to get any information and figure out what it’s all about, but I think there might be some performances or displays of art.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the onslaught of Instagram moments.

Now, I am not one to knock down other people’s ideas of fun.  If people are out enjoying life without hurting anyone, giddy-up.  There are so many things that people enjoy that I just don’t get.  It’s just… this one I get a lot less than most.

To each their own,