Ah yes, the keyboard warrior. All they do it seems is look at a social media story, read the headlines, and sling their negative swill. We read it all the time – Yet, I  don’t seem to recognize anyone’s name. Researchers have a theory that the majority of, ‘keyboard warriors’ are actually ghost accounts. Accounts that are made up just to stir things up on social media. And guess what? They do. But my question is – who are these people? Do they get paid to do this? Do they really live in their parents basement? That’s the big question. When I was 22 I was told by my parents  to get out and find my own way. Granted this was actually pre-social media – but I did, and never have I had the chance to spend countless hours at a time scrolling the interwaves looking for something to complain about. Matter of fact, if I ever take the time to actually read comments on fb, etc – one negative comment and I move on. Sarcasm is a different story. Sarcasm I find can be subtle yet brilliant. Sarcasm takes years to master and you won’t have time to learn the proper sarcasm unless…you experience life, see the world, have an opinion that’s valid and well thought out, don’t take it all too seriously, and move out of your parents basement.