Do You Drink the Kool-Aid?

By September 13, 2018News

Yesterday Apple announcing their new phones, watches and computers for the fall of 2018. Business Insider called the announcement, ‘one of the most disappointing iPhone launches in recent memory’ stating that because most of the details had been leaked over a month ago, the announcement lacked any sort of magic. 

In case you missed it, there are three new phones coming. They are:

iPhone XS

iPhone XS MAX

iPhone XR

Yes, they offer some new things to get you to look down even more, but is it really worth the price to own? According to business insider, they say no. not enough satisfactory upgrades so they say. 

Since when did iPhone’s become so out of range for most people? I ve asked any people if they could afford the new phone. Most I spoke with said they could not. In case you’re unaware, the cost ranges from just over $1,000 ($1,029) to one dollar short of $2,000 ($1,999). Did a little research to see how much the original iPhone cost when it was released 11 years ago now. Back in 2007 you would pay $600 for 4GB. $700 for 8GB. 

Bigger and better phone. Bigger and not-so-better price. 

It’s your choice.