I can’t say I have a huge sweet tooth today but growing up I was a chocolate fiend. I remember my Mom once bought me a huge Purdy’s chocolate heart for Valentine’s Day and I devoured the whole thing in one sitting. Then there was the time I attacked a basket of Easter eggs but it looked more like the chocolates attacked me.  It all started when I snuck a bunch of chocolates into bed one night when I was seven or eight with the sole intention of devouring every single one. However my little plan was ruined when my Mom knocked on my door to check on me and discovered a total chocolate catastrophe. We’re talking foiled wrappers piled all over my bed and me sitting there with my face stuffed with Cadbury eggs. My Mom naturally began yelling at me which led to me bursting into tears which led to even more of a chocolaty mess. From that point forward my Easter chocolates were kept on the highest shelf in the kitchen. I was sad then but now my Mom and me can’t look back on the story without bursting out laughing.

– Vanessa