Expectant mom Sam Emm has some pretty strong opinions about the state of our province’s medical system.

That’s because she learned about the Peace Arch Maternity Ward closure through a tweet. No phone call. No email from Fraser Health.

A tweet.

“I personally haven’t received anything. A friend of mine sent me a tweet from Fraser Health that she came across. I tried going to the Fraser Health website and there wasn’t anything on there. It’s disappointing. We register intending to give birth at these hospitals so I would think Fraser Health has my contact email, they could’ve even sent out a blanket email.’

As of 12:35PM Wednesday the Fraser Health Peace Arch Hospital website still wasn’t updated with a message notifying patients its maternity ward is closing indefinitely starting January 28th, with all patients being diverted to Langley Memorial Hospital for appointments and deliveries.














Listen to Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra’s full interview with Sam Emm below where she discusses her frustrations and how she’s had to alter her birth plans in light of the news, with the first time mom set to give birth next month.