Oh, I just LOVE it when Neil Morrison asks me questions on the spot, on the air!  Oh boy.  Then I can prove just how “fast on my feet” I am.

This time, he asked “who would you trade faces with for a day?”  At first I think, well that’s freakin’ weird.  And I randomly say, Jennifer Aniston because I think that’s what ladies my age are kinda supposed to say, she has a nice, pleasant, non aggressive face.

I hate to leave any question unanswered, and I suffer from insomnia so I LOVE having another unanswered question rolling around the old brain in the middle of the night – NOT.  I think about it and I think about female celebrities I adore and their faces: Alicia Keys, Jane Fonda, Sarah Silverman, Ellen Degeneres, Melissa McCarthy, the list could go on and on.

Just thinking about these chicks makes me smile. But it’s not their faces, it’s the personalities underneath the faces, isn’t it?  would

But, like any woman, as much as I’ve spent a million years criticizing every aspect of my face, I’ve also come to appreciate this face and all of the “things” it’s got going on.  (Especially as we age.  Let’s not go there.)

I literally can’t think of any other face I’d rather slap on for even a minute.  Am I crazy?!  Or is this just the whole enlightened woman over 40 thing?

Jen Robbins