Facebook isn’t the coolest social media app, but it’s probably the most widespread.  As parents, it can be a great way to share things with your family since even your grandma’s on Facebook, and maybe even your great-grandma.

Facebook is useful for staying connected when you’re stuck at home with little ones.  It can be useful for getting advice from real moms.  When the kids are older it can help you remember when it’s crazy hair day and when they’re supposed to dress up for red day.

BUT… it can also be overwhelming in all those situations.  Seeing a friend’s carefully selected photo of them out for dinner with their adorably dressed (and clean) baby might make you feel less than stellar when you can’t get it together to get out of the house.  “Advice” from others can make you crazy. (Some people thrive on making others crazy!)  And sometimes you only see a ton of pictures of crazy hair day – after you forgot.

I personally find Facebook to be a great tool when used in moderation, and I wield my “unfollow” tool often – when someone is just working my nerves for some reason or is just an oversharer.  One or two potty training posts are acceptable, but detailed descriptions and play-by-plays are best saved for the phone calls or texts with your spouse, sister or other close family member, please!

Facebook has recently introduced a “snooze” button which is perfect for flu season (and all those “should I go to the ER/doctor” posts, sometimes accompanied by descriptions of mucus/coughs); vacations, and other eyeroll-inducing periods.  “Snoozing” someone hides their posts from you for a set period (default is 30 days).

Facebook knows that people can be annoying.  Facebook is here for you!  Love it or hate it, while it changes and evolves all the time, it’s definitely not going anywhere!