There is nothing more important than the safety of your family. No one ever plans to end up in the ER, but complacency or laziness can send you there quickly. As silly as it seems, we need a few reminders to help avoid that trip;
Ladders; Use caution when climbing ladders to clean the gutters or trim trees. Ensure the ladder is well-placed and not on a slippery deck surface. Look up and around for power lines and where that limb may fall. Avoid reaching out and causing your body to pass the outside of the ladder. Have a spotter.
Clean fallen leaves off sidewalks and stairs. Once they start to rot, or get frosty in the morning dew, they become very slippery.
Festive decorating; Inspect all electrical equipment and lighting for worn cords or plugs. Use only exterior rated extension cords and don’t overload the circuit.
Heating season brings new potential for fire hazards, so take a moment to review fire safety in your home. Check and replace fire extinguishers, and change the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detector. Also go over the home fire evacuation plan with your family.
If the gas appliances haven’t been inspected or cleaned in the last two years, have a licenced and certified technician do it.
Check the space heater for damages, particularly on the cord and plug, and avoid using an extension cord for it. Keep it away from anything combustible by at least 1m.
Don’t bring fuel sources for the BBQ or lawn equipment into the home for storage.
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Steve Seaborn