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If you’re looking for something fun to do this Saturday night Nat Bailey Stadium is trying something new with its first ever professional wrestling show! It’s going to have 30 wrestlers duking it out in nine different matches and you can get tickets here.

Rob Fai, who was a broadcaster with the Vancouver Canadians for over 1,000 games before stepping away in the fall of 2020, was on The Sekeres & Price Show this week to share how Take Me Out to the Brawl Game came to fruition. “Well, I’m very fortunate to know some people at Nat Bailey Stadium including the president, Andy Dunn, who just happens to be probably a bigger wrestling fan than I am. So it was a pretty easy sell,” Fai said. “I came to Andy after kind of establishing our brand and saying, ‘I’d love to do it at that Bailey Stadium.’ “Within, I think it was like 30 seconds, he’s like, ‘Yeah, you got to put the ring here and you’ve got to do this.’ So I knew at that point we kind of had the hook in the mouth and it was just making sure that we did it right.”

I’ve never been to a pro wrestling match but it seems like a fun way to spend a Saturday night. The weather looks perfect for it and if it goes well I’m sure we’ll see more events like this in the future!

– Jeremy