Fortnight.  If you have a tween or teenager, you might hear this word often.  Our little Minecrafters have graduated to Fortnight.  While I could see some value in Minecraft (isn’t it some kind of coding?!), I struggle with Fortnight.  It has become an obsession for the school-aged set.

I can’t quite see the appeal… but then I’m not the target audience.   These kids are so obsessed that when they’re not actually playing, they’re watching a  game with someone else playing.  Here’s what my Fortniter had to say about the appeal of the game:

“Fortnite battle royale is a video game. In Fortnite you have to get land, get weapons, kill, and survive. When you play there are 5 different raritys; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Shield potions, slurp juices, and mini shields give you extra health. Bandages and med kits bring your health up if you lose some. The storm moves eventually and can kill you. The smaller the storm, the more damage it does. There are 17 main areas you can land in, Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts, Lucky Landing, Moisty Mire, Retail Row, Tomato Town, Snobby Shores, Greasy Grove, Salty Springs, Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Wailing Woods, Dusty Depot, Fatal Fields, Anarchy Acres, Lonely Lodge, and Loot Lake. I like fortnite because I like combat gun games and it’s free so that’s a bonus.”

I think we can all agree that it sounds fascinating (that is some heavy sarcasm…).  I do like that it is a game you can play and collaborate with others, and I have to appreciate the way my two boys work together and get really creative about the way they approach it.  The game is free so that means that “everyone” has it, which makes it popular.

Like all fads we’ve endured – Pokemon, Minecraft, etc – I’m sure it will pass.  I am not sure if I’m ready for what’s next!