Last week a New Westminster man walking along minding his own business found  pizza box on the ground. And – as we all do when we see a pizza box on the ground – he opened it up. Inside was $1,600 cash. The man went out of his way to find out who the money belonged to and eventually the money was returned to the rightful owner – in this case a pizza owner who was going to use that money along with $1,600 of his own – and give it to a charity as they apparently do every christmas. It’s one of those stories that you hear about and ask yourself, ‘Would I have done the same thing?’…
So what did you decide? $1,600 is a significant amount of money to find lying in a pizza box on the side of the road. We’d like to believe that the majority of people would turn the money in as the man did, but what if you found an amount that was in – say – a bag of sorts with no identification what-so-ever? The smart move is to turn it into the police. Because as far as I know, if you do turn the money in and it isn’t claimed within one year to the day you turned to in…the money is yours.
Question is – are you willing to wait?