A patient of the Worthington Pavilion rehabilitation unit has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

A Fraser Health SWAT team is at the site and communication with patients and families is underway.

The Worthington Pavilion is located in Abbotsford and is owned by Fraser Health. It provides rehabilitation and recovery services for patients with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions so that they may safely return home following hospitalization.

Enhanced control measures have been put in place at the Worthington Pavilion rehabilitation unit. Fraser Health is working with the staff to identify anyone who may have been exposed and taking steps to protect the health of all staff, patients and families.

To prevent transmission of COVID-19, Fraser Health is ensuring staff currently working at the Worthington Pavilion rehabilitation unit will not be working at any other facility.

Fraser Health has proactively implemented the following:

o   Staffing levels will be maintained to provide patient care.

o   Visitors have been limited to only essential visitors.

o   Staff and patient movement in the facility has been restricted.

o   Cleaning and infection control measures have been enhanced.

o   Patient, families and staff are being notified.

o   Twice a day screening of all staff and patients.

During this time Fraser Health will have additional presence at the site to take any further actions required and support the facility. This includes dedicated people to address quality, answer questions from staff, patients and family, and provide active checks of symptoms with staff and patients.

For more information on COVID-19 and steps being taken to reduce its impact, visit www.fraserhealth.ca/covid19.