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I like a good deal, especially when it comes to food. And in this inflated market whenever there’s a bargain Jeremy’s a happy boy. This weekend at Steveston’s Win Win Chick-N located at 12160 First Ave is offering it’s fried chicken drumsticks for $1 when it’s normally $3.50. Yuuuuuuup you heard that correctly fried chicken for a loonie. It’s all in celebration of the spots fourth birthday and they have a combo option as well where people can get three drumsticks and any pop for only $4. They have another Win Win Chick-N location on 8197 Main St in Vancouver that will offer the same deal over the weekend.

It’s going down this weekend July 30th and 31st and if life experience has taught me anything it’s that people love heavily discounted food and with the world being the way it’s been for the last little while I guarantee there will be line ups down and around the block. So get there early, get extra to take home and enjoy it because what better way to cool off from the heat than have some hot fried chicken?

I may have that backwards.

– Jeremy