With the better weather coming and warmer temperatures too, it’s about that time of year when something begins showing up in your home that may trigger your arachnophobia. Many people know it better as a, ‘fear of spiders.’ Yes, it’s almost spider season. But did you know, killing every Spider you see in your home isn’t a good thing. An Extension Associate in Entomology at North Carolina State University wrote an article about Spiders and how important they are to our, ‘indoor ecosystem.’ Think about this, if you had a choice of a mosquito buzzing in your ear while you tried to sleep over a spider hiding in the wall, which one would you choose? Many spiders eat mosquitos. And, according to the article, most spiders we will come into contact with aren’t harmful enough to do any real damage or harm to us. Plus, they dislike us more than we dislike them. We have a bit of a size advantage although you put this guy in front of a good sized Wolf Spider – there’s hands down winner every time, and it ain’t me.