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Seeing the faces of the young men killed in this weekend’s tragic bus crash in Humbolt Saskatchewan I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how much life they still had left to live. These men were in their late teens. Many of them likely had dreams of playing in the NHL and for them, it didn’t get much better than chasing that dream with your best buddies by your side. To see that stripped away in a second is just gut wrenching and there really are no words. However if there’s anything remotely positive to come out of the tragedy it’s been seeing communities come together to support the victim’s grieving family and friends.We may be a large country but we know how to lean in and support one another in time’s of tragedy as is the case with the Go Fund Me Page that has so far raised more than five million dollars for the families and is the largest ever Go Fund Me campaign. Their lives may never be the same and the pain of losing their sons will never go away but at least they know the entire country is grieving with them and will continue to be behind them.