I have pretty dark hair that’s seen its share of chemical treatments, colour and abuse.

Like most busy moms, I don’t get a chance to really think about my hair too much, a refresh every year or so is about all I can get time and energy for.  Lately my greys have been coming in and bringing more and more of their friends.

I am SO sick of plastering random box dye on my head.  Maybe, just maybe it’s time to go grey – ALL THE WAY.  I just want to be excited about my hair and not just covering up greys.  I want my hair to look intentional and not just covered up, whether that means grey or not!

I’ve learned from past mistakes that when you want to make a change or undo what you’ve already done – time to see a professional.

Cathy at Crush Hair Co cuts my kids’ hair and knows what she’s doing after a good 25 years cutting, colouring and styling hair in Surrey, so I went in for a consult so she could let me know what might work for my hair.

The verdict from Cathy is that while my greys are in the most visible area (my temples), they aren’t popping up anywhere else.  Not time to go with a full silver or Cruella Deville style. So we decided to go with more of a transition to grey, that will help blend the colours and if I decide to go lighter as more grey comes in, won’t be such a difference.  Plus, lighter hair is fun for spring and a bit softer on our features as we get older (that’s me saying that, not her!)

Cathy took a little piece of my hair to sample and make sure she knew how it would react after all that home dye over the years.  I’m sure hairstylists get this a ton “I just don’t want it to be BRASSY”, and after a few hours of foils I now have a beautiful head of sandy, ashy blonde hair that even my 13 year old noticed.

So watch out Jennifer Aniston, there’s a new perfect sandy blonde in town!  Check out my stories on Instagram to see how it all went down!