There’s rumours long-time couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may be getting married this fall.

But that isn’t the crazy part! When they do, they plan to walk down the aisle TWICE – once in Los Angeles and again in Oklahoma!

Cause you know when you have millions of dollars to burn – what else are you going to do – but throw a party for yourselves twice?!

I wonder if that makes their chances of not getting divorced TWICE as high as the average couples? Hey, it can’t hurt!

In all seriouness – if money wasn’t an issue, would you want to do your day over again just ’cause?

We’re talking the whole white dress, bridesmaids, food, everything exactly the same as your first time around – only now you’re say ten or twenty years older?

A part of me thinks it’s meant to be just a one day thing. That as much as you try, you wouldn’t be able to recreate those real, magical “first time” moments again of seeing each other from across the aisle, nervously saying your vows, dancing for the first time as Husband and Wife. Sure, it would be a blast, but what for?

On the flipside, your wedding day can be so nerve racking and pressure-fuelled, I know a lot of brides who say “If only I could do it again, I would relax more.” How cool would it be to get to do it again, only this time you’re the chill, easy-going bride you wanted to me. Dance down the aisle, have that eigth glass of champagne….whatever! It’s all about enjoying yourself!

What would you do? Would you re-do your wedding again if given the chance?

– Vanessa xox