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Congratulations to our #Pulse1077 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!  They are each taking home a $100 Gift Card to Guzel Salon & Spa + $100 Gift Certificates to BBQ Nation!

And the winners are…

PULSE FM Cutest Costume Winner:  Harmoni Ann on Facebook
(for her Harry Potter & Dobby The House Elf Costume with her dog)

PULSE FM Most Creative Costume Winner – Natalya Abramov on Facebook
(for her Being-Captured-by-a-Giant-Spider Costume)
PULSE FM Most Unique Costume Winner – @Nazzyland on Twitter
(For her We-Escaped-From-Alcatraz Inmates Mother and Child Costume)
PULSE FM Scariest Costume Winner – Ravinder Vinnie Combow on Facebook
(For his Skeleton Zombie Costume)
PULSE FM Favorite Costume Winner – Sigal Stein on Instagram
(For her Zombie-Mom-Stalks-Her-Children-So-They-Don’t-Forget-Their-Lunch Costume)
Congratulations to all of our winners!  Happy Halloween!!!