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HAPPY FRIDAY! Looking for a delicious alcoholic beverage to (responsibly) drink and keep you refreshed? Well it looks like an amazing Vancouver duo has you covered with their new line of HARD KOMBUCHA!

I’m for sure having one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments right now. But mostly, just excited to try hard kombucha! That sounds amazing!

It’s interesting that this hasn’t been done in Canada yet seeing as kombucha already tastes a bit like alcohol… in the best way! But finally… hard kombucha is here.

Kombucha tastes amazing, makes you feel good, and is a healthy substitute to most drinks. Having it with an alcoholic kick is now available in Canada thanks to an amazing female-founded and ran business.

Founded by Valli Manickam, and Jamie Kirwin, Plenty Hard Kombucha is their guilt-free vision to bring a delicious and organic better-for-you alcohol beverage to the masses.

The founders did a full interview with DailyHive Vancouver for their “Venture” segment. Here are some highlights:

“The name Plenty came from our desire to create a refreshing better-for-you beverage — low calorie, low sugar, low carb, gluten-free — but not compromising on flavour or quality of ingredients,” Manickam told Daily Hive.

“In a market where refreshment beverages are either too sweet or too stripped away of flavour, we wanted to communicate that we created a health-conscious drink with plenty of added benefits (anti-oxidants) and plenty of flavour,” she added.

Plenty truly is a local company and budding success story. Plenty is indeed fully inspired by Vancouver — its natural beauty, and its health, wellness, and outdoor focused residents. it’s brewed right here in Vancouver, at Dogwood Brewery, one of Vancouver’s certified organic manufacturing facilities.

“Born from a love of hand-crafting kombucha in her Kitsilano kitchen, Valli began experimenting with her home brewed kombucha in 2019 by adding an extra fermentation to give it more of a kick,” Kirwin told us, speaking about the inspiration during the early days of Plenty.

“Being a health-conscious Vancouverite, she saw an opportunity to bring to market a new era of all natural and preservative-free alcohol beverages, containing premium, organic ingredients with a taste that’s refreshing, flavourful and fun,” she added.

Read the FULL interview HERE.

The ultimate goal for the team at Plenty is to be available in every single liquor store in BC, and then expand across Canada. Lucky for us in Vancouver, it’s easy to find right now.

Officially launched in April, Plenty Hard Kombucha is available in most liquor stores in the Lower Mainland, next to where you’d find ciders and ready-to-drink coolers.

I’m absolutely going to be searching for this next time I go to the liquor store!

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