My dad was an avid fan of listening to the radio. He was especially fond of re-discovering songs he hadn’t heard in awhile. Stories in the news and invstigative reporting always grabbed his attention. And, if it was local …. just hold that thought Sonny! It is about the time I discovered the intrepid reporter George Garrett.

George Garrett is a selfless individual who has given so much to the community and in particular Surrey where he resides. He is a mutiple award winner and just about as humble as any man can be. So, when the call came I just knew we had to answer.

Among other things Garrett is the Vice President of  Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society. It is exactly as advertised. Drivers pick up cancer patients, take them to their treatment appointments, wait while they under go said treatments and then drive them back home. Many cancer patients have to travel great distances just to get help. And, the problem is that drivers are paid something like 43 or 44 cents per kilometer, hardly enough to even cover gas! Often times, drivers donate that money back to the charity.

Chances are you know someone who has been touched by cancer or has used these services. This is an open call to help these great men and woman who drive patients to appointments, often the unsung heroes,  by making a contribution to Volunteer Cancer Drivers. With the high cost of gas they’re running short of funds to maintain this important service. Please help with however much you can, everything helps. Tax receipts will be issued immediately online. Learn more and donate here. Thank you!

Listen to our George Garrett interview on Pulse Mornings.

Ian Power