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The dash cam video shows a man in South Surrey casucally strolling by an expensive Tesla Model 3 and using something – most likely a key – to scratch the side of the vehicle before causally strolling off.

And it’s not the first time we’ve heard stories of cars being keyed and probably not the last time we’ll hear about this kind of thing either.
Now, I am no Pyschologist or Doctor but to look at someone’s property and think, ‘I want to damage it” (or take it outright) is so far away from me I can’t fathom what is truly wrong with these people. In the case of theft, I’ve always been told it’s drugs that causes theft for the most part.
People trying to feed their addiction.

They’re already low so why not go just a little bit lower.

But to just randomly destroy someone’s property, ‘just because’ sends the message that not only is this person living a misery that we’re lucky not to be sharing, but also there’s clear signs of some serious mental health issues at play.

We can only hope this individual is caught and gets the help that he needs.