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Know any single ladies?

30 year old CEO Joe Cohen posted an advert online saying he is willing to pay someone $10,000 if they point him in the right direction of finding his forever love. He’s actually kind of cute too by the way. He does say though he must be dating the lady for 4 months at least before you will see the cash. If your interested here is what he is looking for in a soulmate.

She must be open-minded, health-conscious, honest, marriage-minded, children minded and willing to live in California. I have to say I was expecting a longer list so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right women, right?

Joe also improved his looks before setting out on this mission, he had a hair transplant, laser eye surgery, a new wardrobe and he bought a Mercedes Benz. So would you set him up with a friend in hopes to score the money? Is this even a good idea?? Let me know your thoughts here.