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When it comes to mental health most of us are in the dark. In many cases, we are not self-aware enough to recognize when we are going through a mental illness episode. Too often we turn to self-medication such as alcohol, drugs and other harmful behaviors. For many of us, a bout with mental illness is like catching a cold. We put up with it, hide under the covers and it eventually goes away. But what happens when it doesn’t pass or go away? I put that question to Dr. Joti Samra this morning on Pulse of the Fraser with Ian Power and suggest you click the “audio” tab above and listen to the interview. It will be the best use of your time in lifting you or a loved one out of the darkness that can be mental illness. Dr. Samra is a Vancouver based Registered Psychologist and a real innovator in the area of psychological health and wellness. What to do and where to turn? Plus she offers some great tip on maintaining mental health fitness with the same approach to how we deal with physical fitness. Let’s talk about mental health to lift the stigma and get back to your best well being.