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If you haven’t had the chance to check out the giant fireworks display this past week at English Bay tomorrow is your last night. Japan kicked it off last weekend on Saturday and then this past Wednesday Canada was up to bat and knocked it out of the park. I got to see Canada’s display and it was awesome. We didn’t head down to English Bay and rather snuck onto the roof of my friends work building and viewed from there which was definitely worth it.

Just a heads up if you do plan on making the trip tomorrow for the final evening of fireworks, make sure to give yourself a ton of time and wiggle room. Authorities and officials estimated that around half a million people have made the trek on the previous two nights. So I recommend either getting there during the day, having a fun beach day and securing yourself a spot hours before hand because it’s well worth it.

Finally when you leave just kind of surrender yourself to the fact that it’ll take you quite awhile to get out of the downtown core. It’s all a great experience and I can’t recommend it enough but just know going in there’s a lot of people and like three streets to get out of the city. Have a great weekend!

– Jeremy