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I have always been a non-routine person.  I rarely have “concrete” plans for anything.  Most of the jobs I have done in the past have allowed me to have a free flowing schedule.  I have a general idea of things I need to do over the weekend but nothing is set in stone as to what time I will get to those things.
This has changed as of late.  Doing a morning show the same time every day has been a big change for me.  Although I have had regular weekday shows in the past, they have typically been 2 hour shows which still afford me a lot of freedom for the rest of the day.  Now working a full shift every morning and then following it up with a gym session, errand routine, eating routine and family time have really had an impact on me.
The impact has definitely been positive.  It has lifted my spirits and made me more efficient.
i do however feel like the weeks go by faster this way which is not necessarily a good thing.  But I’ve always been an eager to learn and improve guy so I’d like to know what routines some of you might have?
What daily routines or rituals or habits do you have that you find have made you more efficient?  I never drank coffee before and now have a daily dose.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?