Today is International Dance Day. Personally, I love to bust a move but when you take a step back and just watch people – especially with the music turned down low – dancing is strange.

Back in the day, I was big on break dancing. Today we fear Covid-19 but when I was a kid it was the head spin. I am shocked more people didn’t just snap their necks in half.

But here’s the thing, if the music moves you – who cares what people think. Spin on your neck, your back, your heels, whatever! I believe you should just take in the moment and do what feels good. Do you look like you should be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson? Probably not. But so what? Do you.

Having a tough time cutting the rug, tearing up some tile, busting a move? No worries, I got you. Here are the top dance moves that ANYONE can do. Including you! Click the link below and get jiggy wit it: