I’m not sure if you saw this, but a 70 yr old woman is complaining about a speeding ticket she received. We all hate getting speeding tickets and I really don’t think being a senior justifies being let off the hook, partiuclarly when she was going 120 in a 70.

That said, maybe there was a way for her to avoid the ticket with a few key phrases to the officer that pulled you over.  A new study found that playing dumb is one of the best ways to get out of a SPEEDING TICKET.

Researchers asked people to name various excuses they’ve used, and whether they worked or not.  And they found the best excuse is to claim you just didn’t realize you were driving so fast.  Here are the excuses that work best:

“I didn’t realize I was speeding.”  It works 32% of the time.  And it’s also the most popular excuse we use.

“I’m late for work.”  It works 20% of the time.

“There’s a medical emergency,” 20%.

“I really have to use the bathroom,” 17%.

“I didn’t see the speed limit sign,” also 17%.

A few that ranked lower include, “I was going the same speed as everyone else” . . . “I’m late picking up my kid” . . . “I’m late for the doctor” . . . and “I’m late for court.”

If you don’t want to lie, you don’t have to.  Because there’s one HONEST strategy that works even better.  Just ask the cop to give you a warning instead of a ticket.  There’s a 41% chance they’ll do it.