We’ve all been in that situation.

You’re working away, quietly at your desk, and along comes Paul, who absolutely needs to tell you about his barbeque last weekend! 

So, how do you get rid of them? 

People on Reddit suggest:

  • Dropping something, it’ll make them pause so you can get a word in
  • Saying “man, that’s wild” and then just going back to work
  • In England they slap their thigh, say “right!” and then get up to leave

What I usually do is just randomly stare at something on them – a button – mole, their moustache…..you’ll make em so self conscious they’ll never want to talk to you again!!

What’s your “trick” to shut up a chatty Kathy (sorry Kathy – it’s just a saying:p) We love you!)

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– Vanessa xox
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