The pandemic we’re in right now can be hard to comprehend on a good day.

For many of us, questions like ‘Just how long will this last? Will I ever be able to visit grandma again? Is it worth the risk sending my kids to school?’ fill our mind’s all day long making it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Imagine….if YOU’RE feeling this anxious – what about your kids?!

With so much uncertainty and fear plaguing our TVs and social media every day, today’s kids are taking in just as much information as adults, only difference is their brains aren’t developed enough to be able to put things into perspective. Questions like “”Will I have to wear a mask forever? What if I get COVID-19 at school and give it to grandma? Will we ever take that Disneyland trip?” can keep their little eyes awake and minds racing long after the bedroom light’s have gone out.

Dr. Bal Pawa, author of  ‘The Mind Body Cure – Heal Your Pain, Anxiety, and Fatigue by Controlling Chronic Stress’ spoke to Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra and Tara Doyle on tips  to talk to your kids about the pandemic to help ease their minds.

That starts with parents being in touch with their own emotions.








Listen to the full interview below:

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