The other day I had a button come off of a shirt of mine in the washing machine, so I went searching for a needle and thread. I found them but I tried and tried to put that button on, I failed.  I did take sewing back in high school but to be honest my mom helped me out with all my projects, please don’t tell my teacher Mrs. Wright. My mom is great at sewing and she has tried to teach me in the past but it hasn’t stuck. She has tried to teach me how to cook too, and yes that didn’t stick either.

I ended up doing what I always do, I added the shirt to the pile of clothes that I will be taking over to my moms when I see her next. Yes she will fix it for me, I have no shame in that. That is why I wish I could sew, I would love to be able to fix anything myself and not have to bug my mom or take it to “Stitch It” in the mall.

What do you wish you knew how to do?