Leah mentioned to me recently that she was blown away that the Stapler was invented in the 1800’s. That had me wondering, ‘What else do we use today that was invited in the 1800’s?’

The list may blow you away as well.

I did a little research and found that the 1800’s were significant in the year 2019 when it comes to everyday things we use.  

Things invented in the 1800’s that we still use today:

The first Locomotive was developed in 1804. We don’t use steam locomotives anymore but you still see them in front of, in the middle, or behind a train. in 1814 the first locomotive was designed. 

1810 the Tin Can was invented. 

1814 The first Photograph. Took 8 hours to take the first picture. We’ve sped up a little faster with our phones. 

1819 the first Stethoscope was invented. Doctors still wear them.

1823 A Raincoat.

1827 Matches.

1827 The Microphone.

1829 The Typewriter.

1834 The Refrigerator . 

1835 The Wrench.

1835 The Propellor. 

1837 The First Postage Stamp.

1839 A Bicycle.

1841 A Stapler was patented. 

1846 Anesthesia was first used in a tooth extraction.

1848 A Dental chair. 

1851 The Sewing Machine invented. 

1856 Pasteurization.

1862 Machine Gun. 

1866 Dynamite.

1868 Air Brakes. 

1873 Barbed Wire. 

1876 The Telephone is invented by Thomas Edison. 

1877 Moving Pictures. 

1880 Toilet Paper. 

1881 Metal Detector.

1884 Cash Register.

1888 The Straw.

1891 The Escalator. 

1893 The Zipper.

1898 A Roller Coaster was patented. 

So may useful inventions that – in some way shape or form – we continue to use today. So, the next time you use any of those products don’t forget to thank the 1800’s.